Starting in 2018 in Bhopal, TAIS Bhopal shares a collective vision of grooming individuals into good human beings and helping build thought leaders of the future. The school continues to serve a diverse population of Bhopal’s elite crowd of aware parents who are really interested in their child’s future.

We strive for the highest norms in education, aiming for quality in all possible parameters while benchmarking ourselves against the best. To this end, we set goals to enable our school to achieve: Individualized education through practical life experiences. Nurture resources, both human and material, toward collective goal of maximizing each individual's full potential. The staff at TAIS is qualified, credentialed and passionate about what they do. They seek pride and satisfaction in a child’s development, feeding their inquisitiveness in an ever-increasing orb of knowledge.

Our Vision

The Vision

The Aakriti International School is committed to developing socially responsible global citizens in a safe, creative and educationally challenging environment that encourages collaboration and the achievement of individual excellence through self-discovery.

Our Mission

Teachers As Facilitators

The teachers will serve as facilitators in the learning process, nurturing and encouraging each student to develop his or her full potential.

Building Universal Values

The school is built upon the foundation of six universal values of honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Self-Directed Learning

All the students will be guided towards taking responsibility for and directing them towards their own growth and learning.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school education extends beyond the four walls of the classroom, where students will participate in a variety of academic and non-academic pursuits including fine and performing arts, technology and fitness programs.

All Students Will Succeed

By replacing competition with collaboration and by creating individual measures of success and assessment tailored to each student’s unique talents and abilities, the school is set up to ensure that all students will succeed.

ADult And Peer Mentors

Students will feel included as part of a caring family. Every student will be assigned an adult mentor who will meet often to discuss & solve academic, social & personal issues.

Passsion For Lifelong Learning

The teachers will serve as facilitators in the learning process, nurturing and encouraging each student to develop his or her full potential.

Global Learners

As much as possible, the students will be exposed to global projects and issues so that they graduate with the international perspective that is so critical for success as citizens of the 21st century.

Our Community Services

Students will participate in experiential learning where they will learn to apply academic knowledge & critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs & get real-life experience while building their character.

Anytime Anywhere Access To Integrated Technology

The students will be immersed in technology through its transparent integration into curriculum and projects. With campus-wide wireless access in a mobile computing environment, students will have access to technology when they need it, where they need it.